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Next Generation Democracy Next Generation Democracy


Next Generation Democracy

Advancing Democracy Worldwide


Next Generation Democracy (NGD) is a multi-stakeholder process on the state and future of democracy led by the Club de Madrid.
The overall aim of NGD is to better enable democracy to meet the expectations and needs of all citizens and preserve their freedom and dignity while
securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

NGD facilitates a discussion on the state and future of democracy in order to formulate regional agendas, as well as a global agenda, aimed at reversing disquieting trends and advance democracy worldwide. The project progressively offers a comprehensive analysis of regional dynamics in democratic governance, a projection of relevant trends, and a compilation of good practice and transformative ideas to be discussed in a series of policy dialogues. This will help generate collective responses, rather than fragmented and independent actions, and shape consensus around shared, forward-looking, action-oriented agendas.

NGD will also facilitate a cross-learning exercise among regions in order to fine-tune proposals to advance democracy. Those elements referring to trends and actions transcending regions, as well as those considered effective to advance democracy at the global level and through global action, will be incorporated into the NGD Global Agenda.
The Bertelsmann Stiftung and International IDEA are global partners of the NGD process.

Towards NGD Regional Agendas
The discussion and the drafting of NGD Regional Agendas are led by CdM Members from the respective region. A series of regional roundtables around the globe, which counted with the participation of experts and regional stakeholders, helped identify key elements for the corresponding Agendas.

Regional Roundtables took place in Stockholm (Sweden), Dubai (UAE), Bogota (Colombia), Dakar (Senegal) and Dili (Timor Leste).

For a glimpse of this process, see the following video and publications:


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  • Background paper on democratic developments in Asia-Oceania

    Background paper on democratic developments in Asia-Oceania

    Updated edition of the Track I, Asia-Oceania

    download english version
  • Roundtable for Sub-Saharan Africa

    Roundtable for Sub-Saharan Africa

    Summary of Conclusions of the roundtable held in Dakar

    download english version
  • Track I. People & Communities. Sub-Saharan Africa

    Track I. People & Communities. Sub-Saharan Africa

    Trends and transformative practices to advance democracy in a socio-political perspective

    download english version





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