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Democracy and Human Rights in Decline?



The Latest
"Why we can not fully celebrate", a Club de Madrid Op-Ed about the quality of Democracy

Today the world is celebrating the International Day of Democracy. On this special occasion Varia Vike-Freiberga, President of the Club de Madrid and former President of Latvia, has signed an Op-Ed on behalf of the 97 Members of the Club de Madrid expressing their concern about the state and quality of Democracy worldwide. The Op-Ed has been published by spanish leading newspaper El País

Club de Madrid launches Next Generation Democracy to respond to signals of democratic decline

The world celebrates today the International Day of Democracy but signals of democratic decline have been appearing globally in recent times. Political disaffection and social unrest have escalated in consolidated and less consolidated democracies alike. In this context, Club de Madrid launches today the project Next Generation Democracy and the 2014 Policy Dialogue "Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A call to action". as a response to the symtoms of regression worldwide


The Shared Societies principles & the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The Co-Chairs of the Shared Societies Project and Club de Madrid Members: Valdis Birkavs, Prime Minister of Latvia (1993-1994), Chandrika Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka (1994-2005), Cassam Uteem, President of the Republic of Mauritius (1992-1997, 1997- 2002) signed a public Response from the Shared Societies Project to the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals Outcome Document.

The Shared Society Project in the Euro-Iberoamerican dialogue on diversity

The Shared Societies Project Content Coordinator, Clem McCartney, participated in the "Euro-Iberoamerican Dialogue on Diversity: how can cities realise the diversity advantage" that took place in Mexico City on 27-28 August 2014. Mexico city, which has been a member of the Council of Europe’s Intercultural cities network since 2010, hosted the first exchange between European Intercultural cities and cities in Latin America interested in the intercultural integration approach to managing diverse communities, and the Shared Societies approach was part of the discussion. During the meeting it was explored the potential for the setting up of a regional Intercultural cities network in Latin America.

Is the crisis in democracy perception or reality?

There is a growing sense that democratic governments are not delivering, and that people's expectations are not being met. This is precisely why this year's Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue will focus on a discussion of the state and the future of democracy, marking the launch of the two-year, multi-stakeholder Club de Madrid-led Next Generation Democracy (NGD) Project.

Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call for Action, co-organized by the Club de Madrid and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, will be held in Florence, Italy, on 24-25 November 2014. This year's Policy Dialogue will offer a unique opportunity to engage in a comprehensive analysis of regional dynamics and potential threats to democracy, with nearly 100 democratic former heads of state and government and a variety of political and social actors.

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Club de Madrid and the EU organized in Haiti a workshop on “Experiences of National Dialogue and Political Agreements”

In the framework of the EU-funded project "Promotion of dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti", the Club of Madrid convened a two-day workshop in Port-au-Prince on 21- 22 July to discuss concrete options for taking forward key pending democratic reforms in Haiti. The successful experiences on National Dialogue and Political Agreements of South Africa, Peru, Spain and Poland were shared with key Haitian political, economic and social players.

Video of interviews with key participants of the workshop "Expériences de Dialogue National et Accord Politique"

Photo Gallery of the workshop


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