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Ex President of Botswana and Club de Madrid Member, Ketumire Masire, passes away

President Masire was not only the architect of Botswana’s stability, he led the country democratically and brought it to unprecedented levels of economic growth. Club de Madrid Members whish to expres their most sincere condolences to family, colleagues, friends and all of the people of Botswana.

Helmut Kohl, the right man for democracy in the right time for Europe

Helmut Kohl, Germany's ex-chancellor, Club de Madrid founding Member and, above all, architect of reunification in 1990, died at his home at 87. He was the instrumental figure not just for German politics, but also for Europe. The current European Union can not be understood without his vissionary leadership.

'Paris: our values, our future' CdM statement on Trump and climate change

50 Members of the Club de Madrid, all of them democratically elected Presidents and Primer Ministers, plus 16 international experts and CdM advisors, have signed a statement regreting Trump's decision of pulling out from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. In it they call upon every signatory to show urgency and commitment in the fight against global warming.


Sign now our Statement on Donald Trump and climate change

Join us now in the fight for a greener planet! 46 of our Members, all of them democratically elected former Presidents and Prime Ministers, have signed the statement "Paris, our values, our future". In it, our Members express their deep concern about the future of our planet and regret Donal Trump's decision of pulling out from the Paris Agreement


“New Fault lines in Europe: the political consequences of Brexit”, by John Bruton

In this lecture, Mr. Bruton describes the background to Brexit, why Ireland is not following the UK example, analyzes the challenges the EU and Ireland will have to tackle, and next steps for the EU itself.  

Ban Ki-moon, new honorary Club de Madrid Member

 Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been elected honorary member of the Club of Madrid, a forum bringing together former presidents, prime ministers and world leaders promoting democracy, its values ​​and its institutions around the world. With Ban Ki-moon’s appointment, the organization counts now with three UN Secretary General leaders in its membership.

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