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The Diversity Advantage Challenge – Council of Europe

NetPLUSS Member of the Shared Societies Project Kinga Göncz participated as a member of the Jury in the final round of deliberations of the Diversity Advantage Challenge, organized by the Council of Europe that was held on  March 24 in Strasbourg in the framework of the plenary session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

Club de Madrid calls the Security Council to reconsider the downsizing of MINUSTAH

Jorge Quiroga, Club de Madrid Vice-president and former President of Bolivia (2001-2002) lead a two day mission (11-12 March) to New York City in the framework of the EU-funded project "Promoting Dialogue for Democratic Reform in Haiti". The aim was advocating for a maintained force level of the MINUSTAH in Haiti until after the 2015 elections

New Paradigms for Peacebuilding: Sustainable peace through shared societies and social services for children

UNICEF and Club de Madrid co-organised a high level symposium on “New Paradigms for Peacebuilding: Sustainable peace through shared societies and social services for children” in Brussels on Tuesday March 17. The event brought together policy makers, donors, influential leaders, academia, government and civil society to promote discussion on the impact of education and other social services on social division and violent conflict. Click here to see the gallery of pictures.

 Club de Madrid condemns the attack on Tunisian democracy

The world has been struck once again by a brutal extremist attack. This time,  Tunisia, the most solid hope of peaceful transition to democracy in the Middle East and North Africa region, suffered an outrageous attack in a clear attempt to derail the country’s democratic consolidation process.

Ten Club de Madrid leaders join the Global Education & Skills Forum

The President and the Vicepresidents of the Club de Madrid, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Jennifer Mary Shipley and Jorge Quiroga respectively, will lead a ten Members delegation to Dubai to join the education-focused GESF meeting that will be held in Dubai the 15th-16th of march. 

Supporting Effective Dialogue towards Democratic Transition and Good Governance in Myanmar

Jigme Thinley, former Prime Minister of Bhutan, led the first High-Level Mission to Myanmar within the new “High Level Support for Effective Dialogue in Myanmar: Towards Democratic Transition and Shared Societies” Project.

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