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Club de Madrid celebrates World Press Freedom Day

Freedom of expression is not only a basic human right, it is at the very heart of democracy that delivers. Along with freedom of information and freedom of association,  freedom of expression is one of the basic pillars of the democratic, pluralistic and inclusive societies that the Club de Madrid aspires to support and foster. It is in this sense, that we join all journalists on this day in promoting independence, pluralism, freedom and safety in journalism.’


Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies Working Group Holds Second Meeting

The Club de Madrid´s Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies Working Group held their second meeting April 18 and 19th in Madrid. The Working Group was formed to explore and advocate for a holistic approach to development that integrates social, economic and environmental dimensions to create sustainable development and a Shared Societies. The Shared Societies Project is a Club de Madrid global initiative that has identified the necessity of creating a truly inclusive and response society that meets the interests of all sectors.

Patricio Aylwin, democracy icon and Club de Madrid founding member dies at age 97

He was one of the most prominent and enlightening figures of the latinamerican democracy of the XXth Century. Patricio Aylwin, President of Chile (1990-1994) has died in his house of Santiago surrounded by this family and by the admiration of the whole chilenean political class in his homeland, Chile, in his region, South America and in the whole world. 


Laura Chinchilla and Zlatko Lagumdzija, Club de Madrid members, lead the second meeting of the Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies Working Group

 The Club de Madrid through its Shared Societies Project established in January a Working Group on Shared Societies and Environmental Sustainability because it believed that a Shared Societies approach is key to unlocking the challenges in building a sustainable development model that can meet the future needs of all people and the planet.

Next Generation Democracy (NGD) Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable –  Dakar, Senegal, 21-22 April

Senegal will host the Next Generation Democracy (NGD) Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable on 21-22 April 2016. The Roundtable will bring together five Club de Madrid Members, all of them former Presidents and Prime Ministers democratically elected, in addition to a select group of regional experts and representatives from Governments, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders, as well as a high-level African Scientific Committee coordinated by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), to discuss the present and future of democracy in Africa.

Mexico Peace Index: Mexico’s 5-Year Gains in Peace Slow Significantly in 2015

Peace in Mexico has improved in the last year by 0.3%, but the annual rate of progress has slowed significantly, according to the Mexico Peace Index (MPI), released today. The MPI, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, provides a comprehensive assessment of the level of peace in Mexico, detailing the peacefulness of each of the 32 states of the country during the past 13 years.

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