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The Shared Societies Project —through the convening power of its Members, all of them former Heads of State and Government—works globally with various governments, institutions and their leaders, advising them on the best approaches to building a shared society. We define a shared society as one in which all individuals and constituent groups hold status as equally contributing participants, free to express their differences while integrating their voices within the broader population.


‘shared society’ is a socially cohesive society. It is stable, safe. It is where all those living there feel at home. It respects everyone’s dignity and human rights while providing every individual with equal opportunity. It is tolerant. It respects diversity. A shared society is constructed and nurtured through strong political leadership.

Shared Societies continues its effort to realize positive change around the world after six years of successful implementation of its goals, with the knowledge that this kind of work is essential to global progress in the 21st century. As historically marginalized and minority groups persist in their struggle for acceptance and equality, so too will our project continue pursuing effective solutions.





The Basis of Shared Societies

 Vision, Rationale, Assumption
 Call to Action for Leadership
 The Project in Action
 Project's One Pager



Call to action for Leadership on Shared Societies



The Economics of Shared Societies

Global Shared Soceties Agenda

The Global Shared Societies Agenda


SSP Women

Briefing Paper: Women and Shared Societies


Shared Societies POst 2015

A Shared Societies Perspective on the Post-2015 Development Agenda


SSP One Pager

The Shared Societies One Pager


Shared Societies, Maastricht, The Case for Inclusive Development    The Shared Socieites, Open Working group Post 2015
The Case for Inclusive Development (developed with the collaboration of the Maastricht School of Management)   Response to Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals
Outcome Document

Video summary


Best practice map

Below are examples that show how implementing our 10 Commitments and Approaches works in practice


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