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Ekiert, Grzegorz

Ekiert, Grzegorz

Professor of Government, Center for European Studies, Harvard University

Grzegorz Ekiert

Professor of Government, Center for European Studies, Harvard University



M.A. Jagiellonian University, Poland, Department of Sociology Summa Cum Laude, 1980; M.A. Harvard University, Department of Sociology, 1987; and Ph.D. Harvard University, Department of Sociology, 1991.

Professional experience:

Grzegorz Ekiert is Professor of Government at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies of Harvard University, Chair of the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, and Senior Scholar at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.

He has specialized in the fields of comparative politics, regime change and democratization, civil society and social movements, and East European politics and societies. His current research projects focus on  the state by state socialism, consequences of the EU's eastward enlargement for new member states, popular protest, democratic consolidation.

Mr Ekiert was the coordinator of the group on "Strengthening of political and social pluralism and political parties" at the Conference on Democratic Transition and Consolidation in 2001.


As a political sociologist, Grzegorz Ekiert is the author of a number of essays and books. The most recent ones include Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe: Assessing the Legacy of Communist Rule (2003), co-edited with Stephen Hanson; Rebellious Civil Society. Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland (1999), with Jan Kubik; and The State Against Society: Political Crises and Their Aftermath in East Central Europe (1996).

His papers appeared in numerous social science journals and edited volumes. Ekiert chairs the Workshop on East European Politics and is the editor of CES Working Paper Series on Central and Eastern Europe.

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