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Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A call to action

  Florence, Italy • 24-25 November 2014
A Policy Dialogue organized by


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Club de Madrid and Common Purpose join forces to develop emerging leaders around the world

Common Purpose is working with the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid in order to create a new leadership programme. The programme, which is currently in development and is planned to pilot in 2015, will be open to 50 emerging leaders from around the world and from across the public, private and NGO sectors

Ban Ki-moon: "The threats to democracy around the world are all too real"

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, addressed the 'Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call to Action' policy dialogue, co-organized by the Club de Madrid and the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Rewatch here his video message

Live Session: 'Next Generation Democracy - A Call to Action'

On the basis of the regional analysis, working group rapporteurs and CdM Members will share innovative ideas to shape Next Generation Democracy (NGD) regional agendas for the advancement of Democracy

Live session: 'Democracy, Human Rights and Foreign Policy'

How can foreign policy be adapted to advance democracy and Human Rights in different regions? How can we better achieve a value-based global consensus that reflects the needs and expectations of citizens in several regions, without imposing a one-size-fits-all democracy? Session design by RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights

Live session: 'Next Generation Democracy - What, Why and How'

Follow live the second plenary session from the Policy Dialogue 'Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A call to action', co-organized by the Club de Madrid and the Robert. F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Hosted by the European University Institute 

Live! Follow the 'Democracy and Human Rights in decline?' inaugural session

The  'Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call to Action' Policy Dialogue is just starting. Follow live the inaugural sesion "Setting the scene-The state of Democracy" featuring the President of the Club de Madrid, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Frank La Rue, Director of the RFK Center European Operations and Brigid Laffan, Director of the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, European University Institute. Connect to for the live webstreaming.

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