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Club de Madrid condemns the arrest of Sadiq Al Mahdi and calls for his inmediate release Club de Madrid condemns the arrest of Sadiq Al Mahdi and calls for his inmediate release

May 182014

Club de Madrid condemns the arrest of Sadiq Al Mahdi and calls for his inmediate release

Club de Madrid condemns the arrest of Sadiq Al Mahdi and calls for his inmediate release

Sadiq Al Mahdi, Prime Minister of Sudan in the country’s last elected civilian government and ousted by then Colonel Omar Hassan al-Bashir in 1989, is the head of Sudan’s leading opposition party, the Umma Party.

The public prosecutor recently opened an investigation into Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) accusations that former Prime Minister Al Mahdi had insulted and distorted the image of state security forces in comments made about the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at a news conference last week. Charges of threatening public peace, undermining the prestige of the state and hindering the constitutional system were later added. These accusations have possible penalties ranging from life imprisonment to death. They could also seriously damage efforts to ease political tensions before the 2015 parliamentary and presidential elections, including the national dialogue process proposed by President Omar al-Bashir.

In a statement, former Prime Minister Al Mahdi has stood by his call for justice over concerns with the activities of the RSF in the face of alarming levels of violence in Darfur this year. He claimed as false the allegations sent by NISS to the media.

In response to Al Mahdi’s arrest, the Umma Party has cancelled its participation in national dialogue talks and called on supporters to protest against the detention.

No one should ever be jailed for expressing his/her opinion or venting criticism. Moreover, it is outrageous to put someone on trial for expressing his/her opinion with a jail/death sentence looming. 

The Club de Madrid and its Members call upon President al-Bashir to immediately release Sadiq Al Mahdi, take the measures necessary to put an end to rebel offensives, criminal activity and intercommunal fighting over access to resources in the Darfur region and move towards the effective start of a much needed, peaceful and open national dialogue process between the Umma and the National Congress parties, not only to restore law and order but to create the conditions and climate necessary for free and fair elections to be held in 2015.

Signed: Club de Madrid, Democracy that Delivers


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