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With a political, geographic and gender balance

Danilo Türk

President of Slovenia(2007-2012)
President of the WLA - Club de Madrid

Danilo Türk

board of directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body that represents and manages the interests of the organization according to the decisions and directives of the General Assembly. It is composed of the President, the two Vice-Presidents, one member from each of the constituent foundations (FRIDE and the GFNA), the Secretary General and up to six other members – all elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors meets at least twice a year and is responsible for the management of the social, financial and administrative activities of the organization, the drafting and presentation to the General Assembly of overall strategies, annual programming and project proposals, annual reports, budgets and financial statements as well as the appointment of new members and new officials, always subject to the ratification of the General Assembly.

General assembly

The General Assembly is the highest representative
and governing body of Club de Madrid

It is composed of all the former Heads of State and Government of World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM), representatives of each of the two Constituent Foundations as well as the Secretary General of the organization, all of whom shall attend with full voting rights. All other institutional and honorary members, as well as WLA-CdM advisors, may participate in the General Assembly but are not entitled to vote.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and is responsible for the approval of the organization’s activities according to its objectives, reports prepared by the Secretariat, the incorporation of new members in WLA-CdM, the designation or ratification of the President, Vice-Presidents, the members of the Board of Directors, the Secretary General, and the approval of the organization’s fundraising strategy, annual budget and accounts.

general assembly

advisory commitee

The Advisory Committee is a permanent advisory body to the Board of Directors and the General
Assembly of WLA-CdM. The members of the Advisory Committee participate in the General
Assembly but are not entitled to vote; they may be called to attend meetings of the Board of Directors
whenever their expert opinion is required.


The Secretary General is appointed by the Board of Directors and ratified by the General
Assembly. The Secretary General is responsible for the daily management of WLA-CdM as well as the coordination of the activities of the organization. He/she also
submits to the Board of Directors all the information and proposals to be approved by the
Board or submitted to the General Assembly.

Agüero, María Elena

Secretary General of WLA-CdM

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  • Agustín Fernández, Sara

    Human Resources & Accounting Officer

    Finance & General Services
  • Becerra, Noemí

    Programmes Officer

  • Briano, Agustina

    Outreach and Development Coordinator

    Office of the Secretary General
  • Campos, Rubén

    Programmes Coordinator

  • Flores, Laura

    Institutional Relations and Internal Governance Assistant

    Office of the Secretary General
  • Guasch, Albert

    Communications Officer

    Office of the Secretary General
  • Guillemot Ormazábal, Eva

    Project Financial Manager

    Finance & General Services
  • Hernández, Celia

    Events and Programmes Assistant

    Finance & General Services, Programs
  • Hidalgo, Ricardo

    Chief Financial Officer

    Finance & General Services
  • Hita, Alejandro

    Communications Manager

    Office of the Secretary General
  • Moreno López, Rafael

    Program Officer

  • Nieto, Ana


    Finance & General Services
  • Pacheco, Lorena

    Programmes Officer

  • Puente Saavedra, Alberto

    Programmes Assistant

  • Robayo, María Fernanda

    Programmes Officer

  • Romero, María

    Events Manager

    Finance & General Services
  • Sánchez, Montserrat

    Administration and Outreach Officer

    Finance & General Services, Office of the Secretary General
  • Álvarez-Couceiro, Antonio

    Secretary General Ad Honorem

    Office of the Secretary General