10 Commitments and Approaches

The Club of Madrid endorsed the 10 Commitments and Approaches for Shared Societies at the Shared Societies Project Working Group meeting on November 21, 2007. These were subsequently revised in December 2007, July 2008, and June 2009. The 10 Commitments and Approaches are grouped into four categories (Institutional Arrangements, Safeguards, Service Provision, and Inter-Community Development), key policy areas identified as essential features of a shared society. The current version is a working document.

Institutional Arrangements


Service Provisions

Inter-Community Development


I. Locate responsibility to ensure the promotion of social cohesion clearly within government structures.

II.Create opportunities for minorities and marginalised groups and communities to be consulted about their needs and their perception of the responsiveness of state and community structures to meet those needs.

III. Ensure that social cohesion is considered in devising governance structures, policy formation and policy implementation by establishing procedures and mechanisms that additionally reconcile divergent positions between sectional interests.

IV. Ensure the legal framework protects the rights of the individual and prohibits discrimination based on ethnic, religious, gender or cultural difference.

V. Take steps to deal with economic disadvantages faced by discriminated sections of society by ensuring equal access to opportunities and resources.

VI. Ensure that physical environments encourage social interaction.

VII. Ensure an education system that demonstrates a commitment to a shared society by offering equal opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, capacities and networks necessary for children to become productive, engaged members of society and by educating children to understand and respect others.

VIII. Initiate a process to encourage the creation of a shared vision of society at both local and national levels.

IX. Promote respect, understanding and appreciation of diversity and support local communities in exploring their identity, sharing their experiences with other identity groups and working together with those groups on common concerns.

X. Take steps to reduce tensions and hostility between communities by ensuring that members of all communities are protected from abuse, intimidation and violence.


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