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Is democracy in peril? Five WLA-CdM members to address North America Democracy in San Francisco Is democracy in peril? Five WLA-CdM members to address North America Democracy in San Francisco

Feb 232018

Is democracy in peril? Five WLA-CdM members to address North America Democracy in San Francisco

The World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid delegation will participate in two events, to be held in San Francisco, focused on the state of democracy: the Next Generation Democracy North America Roundtable (25, 26 February) and the Newco Shift Forum (26).





The Next Generation Democracy (NGD) roundtable will feature 25 leaders in business and politics addressing the latest political and societal developments in the Americas. The World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid Members, all of them democratically elected Presidents and Prime Ministers,  to lead the discussions will be the President of the organization, Vaira Vike-Freiberga (Lativa), Jean Chrétien and Kim Campbell (Canada) and Esko Aho (Finland). The take-aways from these discussions will be then reported to the NewCo Shift Forum session ‘Is Democracy in Peril?’ to be held right after the NGD gathering.

In this panel, the Members of the WLA-CdM plus Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OEA, will give a thorough overview of the state of democracy in North America, as well as formulating policy proposals and identifying good practices for favourable democratic development in the region.

Relevant topics include populism and exclusionary nationalism, social media’s influence in the public discourse, the evolution of trade and economic relations, migration and whether the United States is abdicating in its traditional role of promoting liberal values, among others.

This is not the first time that NGD brings its methodology to the Americas as roundtable discussion was held on March 2017 in Guanajuato, México and on August 2015 in Bogotá, Colombia.

The participation of the WLA-CdM is possible thanks to the support of the Alan B. Slifka Foundation and Omidyar Network

The NewCo Shift Forum

The collision of technology, business and culture, with a spotlight on the shifting compact between business and society, takes centre stage at NewCo Shift Forum. More than 400 top business, policy, education and non-profit leaders - including former world leaders, state governors and the head of Facebook NewsFeed - attend the forum, gathering the diverse, cross-disciplinary POVs required to drive change.

The NGD Project

Next Generation Democracy (NGD) is a program led by the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid aimed at triggering a debate on how democracies can better meet the expectations and needs of their citizens and preserve their rights and dignity while securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

NGD outcomes facilitate a discussion on the state and future of democracy and the formulation of policy proposals aimed at reversing disquieting trends in democratic development and advance democracy worldwide.

NGD is developed by the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid in close cooperation with key global and regional partners including International IDEA Foundation and the Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation.


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