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Democracy in Practice: A podcast series by Club de Madrid Democracy in Practice: A podcast series by Club de Madrid

Aug 292021

Democracy in Practice: A podcast series by Club de Madrid

Conversations between our Members and Advisors on the challenges that put democracies under strain.






We are pleased to launch our first podcast series! 'Democracy in Practice' gathers the voices of our Members, all former Heads of State and Government, and our Advisors, in conversations that address some of democracy's most daunting challenges. Episode after episode, Members leverage their individual and collective leadership experience to strengthen inclusive democratic practice and better deliver towards the well-being of people worldwide.


Episode 3 - Democracy and Inclusion

-Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008) and Member of Club de Madrid.
-Susana Malcorra, Dean of the IE School of Public and Global Affairs and Advisor to Club de Madrid.

Episode 2 - Democratic Leadership in Transition and Consolidation

-José Manuel Ramos-Horta, President of Timor-Leste (2007-2012) and Member of Club de Madrid.
-Ted Piccone, Chief Engagement Officer at the World Justice Project and Advisor to Club de Madrid.

Episode 1 - Democracy, Terrorism and Security

-Kim Campbell, Prime Minister of Canada (1993) and Member of Club de Madrid.
-Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Advisor to Club de Madrid

Club de Madrid is turning 20 years old this year. Undoubtedly, our hopes and expectations for democratic consolidation have changed a lot since the founding of the organisation in 2001. Democracies are now under more strain, precisely because we have yet to address many of the problems that emerged these past two decades and long before. No one better to take us down this journey throughout the past, present and future of democracy than our Members, each and every one of them, singular protagonists in the evolution of democracy around the globe. Throughout the series, we will draw on a rich body of policy recommendations that carry over to the present and that Club de Madrid has attained after years of incessant, vibrant discussions.

We will soon share the next episode of "Democracy in Practice"!

President Danilo Türk presents our first Podcast series

Danilo Türk, President of Club de Madrid and former President of Slovenia presents our first podcast series and invites you all to give it a listen!

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