Dawning Digital Democracy

Although electoral laws are rarely modified, there is an ongoing debate about the most convenient electoral system. But how can digital communications contribute to this debate? According to political reformist -and former Nirvana bassist- Krist Novoselic, new technologies will eventually mean an end to the U.S. two-party system, giving way to a plural, multi-party electoral system.

The 21st century is about communication. The convergence of technology and our democracy makes space for more voices. As voters try to make the jump from digital democracy to our 18th century electoral system, they should see the gap. Proportional voting is here to accommodate the movement towards real choices and new voices.
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Do you agree with Mr. Novoselic? Can digital communications lead to an election reform? Can they alter what Novoselic calls “strategic voting” – i.e. that voting for an alternative might spoil the election for one candidate or another?

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