Kamal M. Bherwani

Chief Digital Officer (CDO),

Kamal M. Bherwani was recently named the first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of PRISA. Mr. Bherwani is a proven global C-level executive whose vision and strategy have transformed organizations and inspired teams in both public and private sectors. His diverse career in technology spans the fields of private equity, marketing, human services, health, housing, energy and construction. He has served as Chief Information Officer of multi-billion dollar enterprises, both in the public and private sectors, as well as CEO and board member of various technology, investment, and non-profit organizations. As the CDO for the Group, Mr. Bherwani has overall responsibility for all digital strategy and innovation, including PRISA's digital sales strategy, digital distribution and content management platforms, internal technology, and all technology partnerships. Mr. Bherwani was most recently the CIO for Health and Human Services for the City of New York, where he oversaw technology strategy and architecture across nine organizations that have a combined operational budget of over $20 billion dollars.

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