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Sadig Al-Mahdi

Prime Minister of Sudan
(1966-1967, 1986-1989)

Sadig Al Mahdi started his career in the Ministry of Finance but resigned soon after the Abboud coup d’état (1958) then joining and leading the opposition movement. Elected President of Umma Party in 1964, he became Prime Minister in 1966 again in 1986 – in Sudan’s respectively second and third democracy. In between he played major roles in the opposition to military regimes suffering from a sum of about sixteen years of imprisonments and exiles during that time. In 2002 he was elected as the Imam of Alansar. He currently still serves as the leader of the Umma Party, and continues his mobilization efforts to restore peace and democracy in Sudan, and to solve the dialectic between modern life and religious revival in the Muslim World.

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