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Support and Foster
democratic values
  • Support and Foster
democratic values

Support and Foster
democratic values

Club de Madrid acts to strengthen democratic leadership and institutional capacity
to better tackle major global challenges

Policy Dialogues

We mobilize political will for positive change

Since 2001, our annual policy dialogues have mobilized political will and commitment in support of key global
challenges. We partner with third parties to organize our dialogues in different parts of the world. Contact us for
more information on our events and conferences


Previous programs

  • Preventing and Countering
    Violent Extremism completed

    Democratic leadership for PVE

  • Supporting Democratic Transition and Consolidation Processes completed

    Fostering Consensus towards positive change

    We have supported democratic transitions and reform processes in countries like Bolivia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Serbia, Tunisia, South Africa and Timor Leste.

  • Support for Democratic Reforms in the MENA region completed

    For the last 10 years we have worked on consensus building and transitional processes in various countries of the MENA Region.

  • The G20 in a Post Crisis World / Global Governance completed

    Towards the Reconstruction of the International Global Arquitecture

    In today’s globalized world it is essential to work on regional and global governance to reinforce efforts at the national and local levels.

  • Women’s Political Participation and Leadership completed

    A critical component of democratic dialogue and social inclusion

    The WLA-CdM has worked with women leaders in Africa and Latin America to promote political participation, especially on Peace and Security challenges.

  • Energy & Climate Change completed

    Energy and Climate Change

    Through our Global Leaders for Climate Action initiative, we helped mobilize and shape political will towards a global effective, equitable and binding climate agreement.

  • INSPIRED completed

    Integrated Support Program for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue

    Supporting inclusive national dialogue processes in 5 countries by helping local stakeholders to reach agreements in concrete policy areas, key for their democratic development.

  • LEND completed

    Leaders Engaged in New Democracies

    The Project provided peer advice, peer support and capacity building to political leaders
    and policy makers in Eastern Europe and North Africa.


We work with a network of experts and like minded
institutions who, as project partners, provide specific
advice on a wide range of issues.
Through third party collaborations we also promote the
mission and initiatives of other organizations in support
of shared goals.




WLA-CdM is committed to advancing democracy worldwide. With your
support, we can advance democratic values and foster social and political change.
You can help ensure a sustainable future for the next generations by joining our
efforts in a variety of ways. Here’s how you can make a difference.