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Putin 3.0 – Is the Russian Leader Worried about Social Inclusion?

“There are numerous goals of social policy. It should support the weak, those who are unable to make a living. It should provide upward social mobility, an equal ‘starting point’ for each person based on their capabilities and gifts. Above all, the effectiveness of social policy is determined by whether people think our society is fair or not”.

Believe or not, the author of the above posted quote, is none other than the recently elected Russian President, Vladimir Putin. We stumbled across an article signed by Russia’s contemporary Tsar via the UK’s newspaper The Independent, entitled “My goal is to make Russia a more just society“, which is a translation of an original piece published by the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“Social mobility is too low. Income inequality is unacceptable, outrageous. One in eight Russian citizens still lives below the poverty line. The quality of social provisions is not high enough. And with an aging population we urgently need a more efficient welfare state. Our citizens must have an opportunity to fulfil their potential, to grow professionally and socially”.

We are not joking. This SSP-content paragraph is signed by the same tearful person who celebrated and toasted victory in Moscow’s Red Square amid claims of electoral fraud, who has been accused of flagrantly disrespecting Human Rights and who is fast becoming the new Breznev of the Russian people.

The old Russian Bear is back – and he’s here to stay, perhaps even until 2024. Putin has so far failed to modernize Russia, despite being firmly at the Russian helm since 2000… So what can we expect – in terms of social inclusion – for the third term of the blonde Action Man?

Read here the article signed by Vladimir Putin on The Independent

Human Rights in the Russian Federation according to Amnesty International

Video: Teary-eyed Putin addresses 110,000 crowd near Kremlin

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