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A new proposal: Social Growth!

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) has published an illuminating and fascinating new policy brief: Social Growth: Model of a Progressive Economic Policy. The FES’ proposal calls for a progressive economic policy model: “The aim is to develop a growth model that combines prosperity for all with sustainability and justice. Its primary target is Germany, but it is also intended to apply to Europe and globally”.

As outlined in the brief’s initial page:

  • Although the progressive economic policy proposed here is focused directly on overcoming the economic and social crisis by means of social and therefore fairly structured growth, its indirect aim is to alleviate the environmental and political crisis in which Germany, Europe and the world find themselves in.
  • Social growth, with its focus on education, health, care and climate protection, puts less pressure on natural resources than the conventional market-driven growth model. It also delivers the results that people expect from democratic politics, namely jobs and a share in the prosperity these jobs create.
  • In this way, social growth confers a legitimacy on democracy that seems to have been lost, not so much because of mistrust in its procedures, but rather the paucity of socially acceptable outcomes – in other words, states’ inability to govern markets in the interests of society

Please find attcahed below a copy of the report for yourselves!

Social Growth: Model of a Progressive Economic Policy – a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation publication.


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