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Economic development in India? Yes, but shared by all!

We stumbled across this interesting interview through India Real Time, a deeply intriguing blog about Indian politics hosted by the The Wall Street Journal. Nikita Garia speaks with Former Indian President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (2002-2007) about Indian economic development. Abdul Kalam has authored several books on the subject, including his latest work, Target 3 Billion, co-authored alongside Srijan Pal Singh, a rural development expert. As we read in the post, “Mr. Kalam tackles the big issue of how to eradicate poverty from the world. The book promotes a strategy known as PURA, Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas, which focuses on fostering community participation to reduce poverty in rural areas”.

India Real Time: How can the urban elite contribute to rural development?

Abdul Kalam: First, you can be a giver of knowledge to help identify and nurture the rural potential. Engineers can identify the best technology to harness these competencies, while managers can help find suitable markets for products and so on.

Moreover, the youth can even choose to become entrepreneurs of rural India, by identifying and focusing on the competencies of rural regions. Besides the service you are providing to your nation, the rural regions also have tremendous business potential, as we have highlighted.


Here you find the interview.


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