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Expressing Social Inclusion in New Ways

Day Mer Festival

Since the weekend is almost here and newspapers around the world have forgotten about positive news…we are going to focus on it but need your help!!

This blog has the intention of bringing complex yet pertinent questions concerning social inclusion in contemporary societies to the table.The Shared Societies Project is designed with the idea that societies are most likely to be peaceful, democratic and prosperous when leaders and citizens recognize the value of diversity and take active measures to build a shared society. Unfortunately as you see in our posts, this means talking about news, events, reports, and analysis that are not always positive, specially those more oriented to social sciences. However, there are more paths to social inclusion than politics, legislation or economics. Through art and culture we can creatively address real-world issues and build spaces for interaction, dialogue and deeper engagement.

During the upcoming weeks, we will be posting some examples and good practices of social inclusion through different expressions of art (music, urban art, etc) and we hope that you can enlighten us with other examples! This week we are focusing on festivals, yes, FESTIVALS! Many cities and regions around the world have realized that cultural and art festivals are a wonderful way to generate inclusion.

Here is a good example of a Festival to promote social inclusion: the Day-Mer Culture and Arts Festival. This festival takes place during the summer in North London and is organized by the Turkish and Kurdish Community Center. It is made possible by Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot migrant workers’ determination, sacrifice, and hard work.

More information about the Day-Mer Festival

What other festivals can you think of that creatively address inclusion and open dialogues for deeper engagement?


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