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Is Immigration Represented in your Parliament?


In recent years, European countries have grown increasingly diverse and welcomed immigrants from all parts of the world. It goes without saying that successful integration of the recently arrived immigrants is essential to creating an equitable Shared Society and preventing ethnic, racial and demographic tensions.

One way of measuring integration is by assessing the level of political representation of immigrants. Having high level politicians that represent your needs in the legislative or executive branches is a vital part of successful integration. The Pathways Project, a collaborative effort of several European universities, seeks to do just that, by focusing its effort on diversity assessment among several European parliaments. The findings reveal that the Spanish parliament has a long way to go, while 10% of Spanish citizens are immigrants or first generation citizens, they make up only 1% of MPs.[1] In this regard Southern Europe in general is more backwards than Northern Europe, as Italy and Greece have similar statistics. Northern Europe, led by the UK and the Netherlands, has the highest proportion of immigrant MPs at 11 and 13%, respectively. One could offer a historical argument to explain the discrepancies among the countries, by pointing out that the UK and the Netherlands are historically maritime powers that have welcomed immigrants for many decades from their former colonies.

Encouragingly for Spain though, individual attitudes on immigration are much more positive; however, the authors of the report posit that the tide might change if Spanish citizens experience negative consequences of the immigration wave that came at the dawn of 2000s.   Countries of Southern Europe should carefully examine the inclusive policies of the UK and Netherlands in order to either replicate the policies adjusting for their individual countries or create new policies with inclusivity in mind. Increasing the percentage of immigrants and first generations MPs is an effective way of promoting several of the goals of Shared Society, such as Commitment II, creating opportunities for minorities and Commitment VIII, fostering a shared vision of society at the local and national level by increasing visibility and communication between different identity groups.

[1] Criado, Miguel Angel. “El Congreso Español Es El Que Tiene Menos Miembros De Origen Inmigrante.” Elpais.com. El Pais, 15 Feb. 2016. Web. <http://elpais.com/elpais/2016/02/15/ciencia/1455521726_813402.html>.

European Migration and Asylum Policies: Coherence or Contradiction?

We’d like to recommend this book, European Migration and Asylum Policies: Coherence or Contradiction? An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of the EU Programmes of Tampere (1999), The Hague (2004), Stockholm (2009). Published by Bruylant and edited by Cristina GortazarCarolina ParraBarbara Segaert and Christiane Timmerman, this publication focuses on the new challenges raised by the European asylum and immigration policy from an interdisciplinary point of view. It is a critical examination of the contents of the European migration policies.


  • Introductory part
  • Part One: Right to asylum
  • Part Two: Irregular migration and border controls
  • Part Three: Legal migration and integration
  • Part Four: Development aid and co-development

“Being aware of the significance of the new challenges raised by the European asylum and immigration policy this book presents an evaluation of ten years of EU migration and asylum policymaking under the Tampere, The Hague and Stockholm programmes. The European Union has been calling for a stricter control of migratory flows while at the same time pleading in favour of development of countries of origin and transit and respect for asylum seekers’ rights. However, the regulations and tools to be used in order to achieve the first objective do not seem to be compatible with the second purpose and the full respect of international law on human rights.

This volume offers an overview and a comprehensive approach of the developments in four core topics of the European asylum and immigration policy: the right to asylum; border controls and the fight against irregular migration and human trafficking; legal migration and integration; and the synergy between migration and development”.

Information taken from Bruylant website


Maastricht Podcast Series! Claire Dhéret, European Policy Centre

European Policy Centre

Enjoy this new podcast episode with Claire Dhéret, coordinator of the Wellbeing 2030 project of the European Policy Centre, on the lessons from the Wellbeing 2030 initiative.

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