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Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Development – SUMMING UP

By Clem McCartney*

Before referring to the content of the deliberations it is appropriate to refer to the tone of the presentations and discussions, because they facilitated a meaningful debate.


In the main the speakers had come well prepared to tackle the issue posed by the title of the conference – how to deliver “inclusive and sustainable development”.

The tone was very positive and encouraging.  Some of the presentations and comments from the floor were pessimistic about the current situation, with good reason, but they were all positively critical in trying to see ways forward.  The general tone was exploratory, “digging down” into the issues as one person said.  As the confgernece centred in on core challenges, the same issues recurred but at a deeper level of analysis and from different perspectives.

This review therefore takes the same approach rather than dealing with the sessions in chronological order.

What was the trajectory of this exploration?

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Maastricht Podcast Series! Last episode: Clem McCartney

Club de Madrid

Enjoy the last episode of our Maastricht Podcast Series! Clem McCartney, Content Coordinator of the Shared Societies Project, on the main conclusions of the Maastricht International Workshop. Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support more Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?

Listen here the podcast

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Clem McCartney

Dr. Clem McCartney is an independent research consultant on conflict and community issues. He is an associate of the Berghof Foundation for Peace Support and has contributed to a number of Berghof publications including the “Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation”, and one of its Dialogue Series on Security Sector Reform. He is also an associate of Conciliation Resources in London and has been consultant to their Comparative Learning Project, working in Colombia and the Philippines, and their Caucasus Programme. He works with Quaker Peace and Social Witness in its activities in South Asia. Until 1992 he worked for the Center of Study of Conflict and has undertaken projects for INCORE at the University of Ulster.



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