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We the friends of (all) Syrian people

The outcome of the first Friends of Syria summit in Tunis this weekend has not not thrown up the type of results we had envisaged or indeed hoped. Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Qatar and the Syrian opposition have called for a military intervention, while the Western countries and Turkey have advocated more humanitarian aid plus sanctions against the Bashar El Assad’s regime. The Friends of Syria Conference in Tunis lead by US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton was attended by all  Arab countries and Western Foreign Ministers.

Carl Bildt, the current Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Club de Madrid member, tweeted a very interesting point raised during the course of the summit: “Professor Ghalioun of the Syrian National Council spoke of a new Syria for all – a home also for Alawites, Kurds, Christians and others.” He was speaking of the leader of the Syrian National Council, an opposition group which the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alain Juppé, has recognized as a legitimate interlocutor.

We welcome these pronouncements from the Syrian opposition and look forward to hearing many more of the same tune in the near future. We wish to express our solidarity with the Syrian National Council in their struggle against the despotic Bashar al Assad.

Please find further information on The Syrian National Council & the latest round of European Union sanctions on Syria approved today!


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