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The Americas Quarterly’s Social Inclusion Index!

Our friends from the Americas Quarterly have released a fantastic and useful document: The Social Inclusion Index - a way to measure, track and compare social inclusion in the Americas.

You can read here their article presenting the Index:

What really is social inclusion? Implicitly, most of us understand it as more than development; it includes elements of political participation, social rights, civil liberties, and equal access — across race, ethnicity and gender — to social services and labor markets”.

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The (failed) American Dream

The American Dream Nightmare

YouTube Preview Image

We all have seen the Manhattan’s fantastic skyline, the White House, the Historic Route 66 and the Hollywood studies. We all know a lot of things about this America which is the foremost economic power in the world. But there is another America – the one of 1.5 million homeless children, the one of 50 million people who don’t have health insurance and the one of 47 million Americans currently living below the poverty line. Poor America is a fantastic BBC Panorama documentary about economic inequality and the lack of social mobility in the contemporary United States. It starts in Las Vegas, the capital of capitalism. We really liked this documentary. Enjoy it are share with us your impressions!

Are you following us from United Kingdom? Check out the video from the original BBC souce


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