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مرحبا – 招呼语 – Welcome! – Bienvenue! –

добро́ пожа́ловать! – ¡Bienvenido!

Welcome to the blog of the Shared Societies Project, one of the Club of Madrid’s most important projects to help foster social cohesion in today’s societies.

Do you think we live in homogeneous societies and that social diversity is unusual? Well the fact of the matter is that social diversity is the norm. Over 90% of the countries we live in have minorities which make up at least 10% of the population – and often much more. Do we need an alternative kind of political framework to properly and equally debate our manifold differences? If so, how can we begin to construct this framework and then successfully implement it?

Our various posts explore the problematic legacies of diverse communities whether that is the result of the way our states emerged in the past or as a consequence of globalisation and increased migration that is happening right now. We will also tackle the relationship between economic development and social cohesion and the debates surrounding the public expression of identity, multiculturalism, ethnic differences, movements of people, religious diversity and a myriad of other related issues.

Our blog will help navigate you through these complex yet pertinent questions concerning contemporary societies.

As you glance through our posts, you will see that we have divided them into several categories. SSP in Action refers to SSP project activities and missions that we are currently implementing around the world, through the convening power and experience of the Club de Madrid’s distinguished Members – more than 80 former Presidents and Prime Ministers hailing from 56 countries worldwide – who are dedicated to democratic leadership. Keep consulting the blog for the latest updates regarding their progress.

For the opinions of our various experts, you will find posts under the SSP Expert Comments category. SSP Related Analysis posts supply readers with substantive scholarly reports on relevant issues, and finally SSP News and Video entries consist of recently published newspaper articles and videos that remind us how these issues of social cohesion are still very relevant today.

We hope you enjoy our newest initiative to continue building Shared Societies!



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