About SSP

The Shared Societies Project (SSP) is a Club of Madrid global initiative that provides leaders with greater understanding of the benefits of social cohesion, as well as the incentives and means to advance it. The project supports democratic development through promoting leadership for dialogue, diversity and social cohesion.

The project is designed in the belief that societies are most likely to be peaceful, democratic and prosperous when leaders and citizens recognize the value of diversity and take active measures to build a shared society.

What is a Shared Society?

A ‘shared society’ is a socially cohesive society. It is stable, safe. It is where all those living there feel at home. It respects everyone’s dignity and human rights while providing every individual with equal opportunity. It is tolerant. It respects diversity. A shared society is constructed and nurtured through strong political leadership.

In a shared society, people hold an equal capacity to participate in, and benefit from, economic, political and social opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, language, and other attributes, and where, as a consequence, relations between groups are peaceful.

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