ILO Warning: Youth Job Crisis Threatening Social Cohesion!

The head of the ILO Employment Sector, José-Manuel Salazar, has delivered a frank wake up call to the international community, warning of the risks posed by a lost generation due to the growing youth employment crisis.

Presently, 75 million young people remain unemployed. Putting this crisis further into perspective, a staggering 150 million young people are not working or studying, which represents a phenomenal waste of human capital for our societies.

So what risk does this disenfranchised generation pose to social cohesion? According to Mr Salazar, a grave one. Socially excluded youth are more likely to engage in risky behaviours including substance abuse, crime, violence, joining gangs, drug trafficking, and other threats to social cohesion and peace in the community.

Clearly, the international community most re-engage and multiply its efforts to tackle spiralling youth unemployment. In the run up to annual International Labour Conference in June, the ILO is hosting a series of innovative Global Youth Consultations in some 45 countries during March to listen to and consult young people in anticipation of a major Youth Employment Forum in Geneva in May. Check out the timetable of these events below and continue lobbying hard your elected representatives to address the youth job crisis NOW!

ILO Global Youth Consultations

Cast your eye also over José-Manuel Salazar’s top policy recommendations for addressing the global unemployment crisis.

Breaking new ground: Partnerships for decent work for youth

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