Perú – next step for SSP?

Our Programme Officer, Carla Fernández-Durán, is now on a survey mission in Peru working together with Werner Puschra, who is the Executive Director of the New York office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and expert advisor for the Shared Societies Project.

Club de Madrid promueve reducción de desigualdades en el Perú

Here you can see both of them speaking at the Centro Nacional de Planeamiento Estratégico (CEPLAN) - Puschra is seated first from the left and Carla is the only woman in the photo.

Club de Madrid is evaluating the possibility of carrying out a Shared Societies Project in Perú. We are now working in South Africa and Kyrgyzstan, so this could be a perfect chance for improving our work and adding a Latin American country to SSP!

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