After the shocks of 2016, the world risks turning inwards. Here’s how that can be avoided


Simon O’Connell, Executive Director of Mercy Corps Europe, published a few days ago an article about global challenges of 2016. You can read it in the following link. The article’s main idea is that we as individuals and as civil society organizations have a responsibility to listen to different opinions, build bridges and to find common ground between different groups in particular those excluded from globalisation benefits.

He argued that “to ensure no-one is excluded from global prosperity and opportunity is as relevant now as it ever was”  and suggested that “we have a responsibility to do better (…) based on principles of Shared Societies and respect for others” including a hyperlink to the Shared Societies Good Practices Guide.

We are pleased to see Mr. O`Connell’s remarks align closely with those of the Club de Madrid´s Shared Society Project (SSP), which seeks to build an inclusive and safe society, especially when he highlights the important point about the roots of disaffection and growing disparity in our societies.

We have recently developed a fruitful collaboration with Mercy Corps within the Shared Societies Project activities in Myanmar organizing a joint roundtable on interfaith dialogue this year. You can find further information in the following link. We will be meeting Simon in January to deepen our co-operation and continue working to find common objectives to strengthen Social Inclusion and “to ensure no-one is excluded”.

This post was originally post at the World Economic Forum website. It was was written by Simon O’Connell Executive Director, Mercy Corps Europe.

Image: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem


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