The #BornHere Campaign

Anti-racism demonstration in Amsterdam brings thousands to the streets. WNV/Frouwkje Smit)

Inside Europe we might have observed a current flow of emerging resistance against inclusion towards of minorities or migrants during the recent European Parliament Campaign. There is also evidence of a new trend in confronting the racist and exclusionist positions is also awesome the demonstrating an impressive willingness of people inside marginalized minorities, to systematically challenge racist discourse as unhelpful and harmful and try to improve the circumstances fostering enthusiasm and cooperation to show everybody how useless racism discourse is.

The campaign #BornHere was developed in the Netherlands among citizens belonging to minority groups to show pride about their identity including their Dutch citizenship, and support the idea of being part of a shared society with other fellow citizens from different origins. This new tide, helped by Internet and online tools, raised a constructive opposition against exclusive rhetoric and bringing some light and humour to the discussion and giving voice to the street and sparking public debates to find solutions.

Follow the #BornHere hashtag on Twitter and check this article from Waging Nonviolence to know more about this initiative:

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