#InclusionMatters for the World Bank

Geoffrey Ernest Katantazi Mukasa

Inclusion can be advanced in myriad ways, many countries have moved forward and change is within our reach”. This is one of the main messages that the Shared Societies Project has been spreading during the last six years, and now, a new report of the World Bank uses evidence to bring home this same message.

Inclusion Matters: The Foundation for Shared Prosperity

This report puts boundaries around an abstract idea and tells us what we can do to further the agenda. Social inclusion is embedded in the World Bank’s twin goals – it matters to ending extreme poverty because some groups are over-represented among the extreme poor, and it matters to creating shared prosperity because growth can leave some people behind. 

The report Inclusion Matters: The Foundation for Shared Prosperity was launched at a round-table discussion during the past World Bank Group/IMF Annual Meetings. With social inclusion being a central tenet in the World Bank’s twin goals, this Davos-style round-table discussion brought together policy makers, activists, academics and World Bank managers for a discourse about what inclusion means in the context of development, why it matters, and what can we do to achieve it. You can watch the web cast of the event here:


An accompanying art exhibit put a human touch on the conversation by bringing voices of the excluded through art, videos, and testimonials.


Additionally, the World Bank is hosting an online space, Striking Poverty,  designed for discussion and debate on innovation and development by a global community of stakeholders — bringing the perspectives of thought-leaders, decision-makers, experts, practitioners, policy-makers and other community members — to inform dialogue, focus debate, shape strategy, and provide a basis for action. The Shared Societies Project is participating in the discussions.


We will be coming back to the report Inclusion Matters: The Foundation for Shared Prosperity in future posts.

We encourage you to join the discussions and share why inclusion matters to you!

#inclusionmatters #SharedSocieties



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