The Shared Societies Project, in the spanish public TV


Following the news about the Lampedusa tragedy, the spanish public television (TVE) interviewed Carlos Westendorp, Secretary General of the Club de Madrid, and showed the work of the Shared Societies Project and its call to avoid xenophobia by dealing efficiently with the differences in a society.

Chandrika Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka (1994-2005) and Member of the Club de Madrid, also talked with TVE about the project and her own experience. “When we took the Government we worked with the majority community, which I belong to, to convince them that the other groups should have the same rights. Because this is the duty of governments: change attitudes, and not only think about votes”, she told.

Beatriz Merino, former Prime Minister of Peru, was interviewed too. She explained the issue of double discrimination (women that suffer discrimination to belong a social minority, but also to be women), that the Club de Madrid studied in a working group who met in madrid, leaded by President Kumaratunga.

Watch here the full interview (in spanish. It starts at time code 7:10)

Ver vídeoLa tarde en 24 horas - El mundo en 24 h. - 04/10/13
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