The evolution of ethnic inequalities in employment

women at work

The University of Manchester has launched a report about ethnic inequalities in England and Wales, based on one of its most relevant measures: employment. It studies Census data from 1991 and 2011, dividing seven ethnic groups and taking from them the cases of men and women from 25 to 49 years old.

The studio states that England and Wales have a history of employment inequality between the white majority and ethnic minority groups, and that in this 20 years the Department of Work and Pensions has put in place policies to address these inequalities. The evolution is very interesting to explore also in some aspects like how the labour market participation and unenployment have changed in every group, specially in the participation of women.

[Read the studio briefing here]

An inclusive labour market is one of the concerns of the Club de Madrid. It will be an important matter in our next Annual Conference, that will take place in Brisbane, Australia, between the 7th and 9th of next December. The Conference, titled “Societies that Work. Jobs for Inclusion. A call to the G20“, will try to find coordinated answers to address the world´s unemployment: focusing on stimulating aggregate demand, in particular through public investment while private investment is weak; addressing increasing labor market mismatch problems through training and re-skilling schemes and programmes; and taking action on youth joblessness.

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