Economic reasons to build a shared society: The Maastricht Papers


The Shared Societies Project is designed in the belief that societies are most likely to be peaceful, democratic and prosperous when leaders and citizens recognize and integrate the value of diversity. But, also, there is another powerful argument: a shared society brings economic development too.

In this direction, the Club de Madrid hosted a Shared Societies International Workshop with the Maastricht School of Management in the month of March: “Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support more Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?”.

To answer to this question, a group of academics and practitioners worked hard since the Maastricht event. Now, their work is compiled and available in our website. [You can read here all the Maastrich papers]

The papers, that will be also published in the book “Shared Societies: The Case for Inclusive Development”, face the subject from different angles: from theoretical approximations to real and located cases, like South Africa, Northern Ireland or China. Some of them also focus on one of the biggest reasons to build a shared society: to avoid the existence of conflicts, violence and war. [You can also check the podcast series that we released with the Maastrich experts here]

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