The First Muslim in the Norwegian Cabinet is a Woman


Last week we looked at indigenous women of Mexico and their journey to women empowerment and inclusion in mainstream politics. This week we would like to bring to your attention a young Muslim woman in Norway who was appointed as Culture Minister by Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Hadia Tajik is not only the youngest minister in the cabinet but also the first Muslim in Norwegian government. Tajik was appointed as a part of a large cabinet reshuffle, in September and is only the second non-Caucasian minister. One newspaper described her appointment ‘as a fitting response to Anders Breivik’s brutal assault on Norwegian multiculturalism’.

Tajik’s main focus as a newly appointed Culture Minister will be on cultural diversity and protecting minority rights, cultural or racial. Dag Herbjornsrud, editor of the influential paper Ny Tid, praised Tajik’s appointment ‘as a very courageous move on the part of the Prime Minister. Further he stated that:

She is an extremely intelligent person and has been an activist all her life. I would describe this as an important decision for Norway that will go a long way to prove that we are a truly multicultural society.

Hadia Tajik opened Oslo World Music Festival which takes place from the 30th of October to the 4th of November. 36 bands and musicians from all over the world will perform at the festival. The primary focus is on music from Asia, Africa and Latin-America and the organizers hope this will create understanding and interest in other cultures and their values.


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  1. Greg says:

    She sounds like an excellent and well-qualified candidate for culture minister. Once again it looks like Norway sets the bar high when it comes to multiculturalism, despite setbacks (Breivik).

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