Ready for the Finding Ways to Walk Together National Meeting!

Finding Ways to Walk Together. National Dialogue in Liliesleaf, Rivonia

The Finding Ways to Walk Together Project, part of the Shared Societies Project, has celebrated its National Meeting in Gauteng, South Africa, yesterday and today with financial support from the European Union Delegation in the Republic of South Africa.

The intention with the national event is to have a visionary and inclusive meeting where “differentvoices” come together to do the following:

  • Receive and reflect on key themes emanating from the provincial dialogues
  • Draw inspiration from positive case studies of societies that are successfully walking together,both in South Africa and beyond its borders
  • Have conversations with the National Planning Commission
  • Have conversations with (national and international) political actors and Club of Madrid Board Members
  • Consider key practical proposals on how to sustain dialogue as an approach to maximise theopportunities for cohesion and development
  • Contribute to shifts attitudes (from despair to hope; from apathy to taking responsibility forone’s own destiny) and behaviour (a willingness to engage and dialogue as opposed toaccepting divisions and separation) in the South African context

The purpose is to inspire a core group of South Africans to unite around a vision of a countrywhere dialogue is practiced and sustained at all levels and to commit to achieving that vision.

We would like to say thank you to our partners: Idasa and The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.

We’ll give you further information very soon, but we are so proud of this initiative that ensures a pacific and democratic future in a country like South Africa.

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