Marcelo Giugale on Tackling Development…

Catch on the Huffington Post the latest epistle on current trends in international development from Marcelo Giugale, the World Bank’s Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programmes for Africa.

This time round, Mr Giugale asks his readership, ‘What have economists learned about indigenous peoples?’ UNESCO estimates state that some 350 million people globally qualify as being officially ‘indigenous’.

According to Mr Giugale, indigenous peoples account for 5% of the world’s population, yet staggeringly constitute 10% of the World’s poor. Take a look at the below posted discussion to see how collectively, the international community can seek to reverse these trends, and delve further into the debate by reviewing World Bank policy brief on the economics of indigenous communities.

Marcelo Giugale: What Have Economists Learned About Indigenous Peoples?

Indigenous Peoples – Still among the poorest of the poor



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