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Second and final day of the Shared Societies International Workshop in the Maastricht School of Management

Today is the second and final day of the International Workshop on Shared Societies: “Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?” hosted in the Maastricht School of Management.


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Multilaterally, can we secure a better deal to support migrants from Africa?

Aside from tracking the live stream coming to you direct from the Club de Madrid’s International Workshop hosted alongside the Maastricht School of Management, perhaps our readers will also have picked up from this morning’s global press, news of the unfolding crisis looming over migrants from Sub Saharan Africa and the Maghreb perilously crossing the Mediterranean in search of greater economic opportunities.

The Guardian has today published a string of articles that serve as a frank wake up call to the international community. Unequivocally, now is the time to stop buck-passing, and to act to curb the risks taken by destitute migrants hazardously crossing the Mediterranean. If European actors can organise themselves to address the tragedy of the Costa Concordia, collectively we can and must do more to assist those crossing the waters from Europe’s southern neighbourhood.

The Shared Societies Project is committed to fostering greater economic and social cohesion; it is one of the central tenets of this initiative and is enshrined in Clause V of the SSP’s 10 Approaches and Commitments. The events documented by The Guardian reinforce the belief that multilaterally the international community must continue to endeavour to tackle head on the economic disadvantages faced by those discriminated against, who out of desperation resort to such perilous journeys across the Mediterranean.

Drastic action needed to prevent more migrants dying in boat tragedies

Migrants left to die after catalogue of failures, says report into boat tragedy

Migrant boat tragedy – interactive

Migrant boat disaster: those responsible ‘could face legal action’

Migrant boat disaster: who was responsible?

Migrant boat disaster: Spain challenges NATO over distress call claim

Follow our Shared Societies International Workshop LIVE!!!

Club de Madrid and the Maastricht School of Management are currently hosting an international workshop on the theme of Shared Societies: “Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability? Changes and Opportunities in an Interdependent World”.

Live streaming available through this link:

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LIVE STREAMING! – Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?

Welcome to this fantastic Shared Societies Conference!!! We are in Maastricht to discuss the following topic – Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability? From the event we hope to be able to paint to you a better picture of the challenges and opportunities that confront us in the effort to secure a more interdependent world for all.

You can follow this Maastricht School of Management and Club de Madrid International Workshop via live streaming available on and also via live tweeting form the event using the hashtag #SharedSocieties.

We cordially invite you therefore to join us, and join the live debate on March 29-30, 2012, at the Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, The Netherlands!

Human Rights Watch Film Festival London 2012 (21st – 30th March)

The Shared Societies Project enjoys a broad diaspora of followers who subscribe to this blog, however, for those readers presently resident in London, they can over the course of this week head down to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival which runs until the end of this month.

This initiative is a fantastic forum for which courageous individuals on both sides of the lens can empower audiences with the knowledge that personal commit can make a difference. Screenings of an array of intriguing films can be seen across the English capital at the Curzon Mayfair, the Curzon Soho, the ICA and the Ritzy Cinema.

For an in depth of 2012′s Human Rights Watch Film Festival, have a peruse over the event’s official programme below!

Human Rights Watch Film Festival


ILO Warning: Youth Job Crisis Threatening Social Cohesion!

The head of the ILO Employment Sector, José-Manuel Salazar, has delivered a frank wake up call to the international community, warning of the risks posed by a lost generation due to the growing youth employment crisis.

Presently, 75 million young people remain unemployed. Putting this crisis further into perspective, a staggering 150 million young people are not working or studying, which represents a phenomenal waste of human capital for our societies.

So what risk does this disenfranchised generation pose to social cohesion? According to Mr Salazar, a grave one. Socially excluded youth are more likely to engage in risky behaviours including substance abuse, crime, violence, joining gangs, drug trafficking, and other threats to social cohesion and peace in the community.

Clearly, the international community most re-engage and multiply its efforts to tackle spiralling youth unemployment. In the run up to annual International Labour Conference in June, the ILO is hosting a series of innovative Global Youth Consultations in some 45 countries during March to listen to and consult young people in anticipation of a major Youth Employment Forum in Geneva in May. Check out the timetable of these events below and continue lobbying hard your elected representatives to address the youth job crisis NOW!

ILO Global Youth Consultations

Cast your eye also over José-Manuel Salazar’s top policy recommendations for addressing the global unemployment crisis.

Breaking new ground: Partnerships for decent work for youth


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