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Maastricht Podcast Series! Jan Hofmeyr, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

New podcast episode! “Unsustainable growth: Lessons from South Africa”

Listen the podcast here

Jan Hofmeyr is Head of Programme: Policy and Analysis at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation of South Africa.

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The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation is also a Club de Madrid partner in the Finding Ways to Walk Together dialogue initiative in South Africa.

Find the information here!

Maastricht Podcast Series – Paul Nolan

Our latest podcast episode! Paul Nolan of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council discusses Measuring Sharing and Separation in Northern Ireland.

Listen to the podcast here

For more information more about this series, check out the Shared Societies Maastricht International Workshop.

Maastricht Podcast Series! Steven Tobin, International Institute for Labour Studies, ILO


Listen to the new episode of our Maastricht Podcast Series!

This time round the speaker is Steven Tobin, Senior Economist at the International Institute for Labour Studies (ILO).

Listen here the to the podcast

Steven speaks about his paper Shared Societies and Employment, presented at the Maastricht International Workshop on “Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support more Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?”

Maastricht Podcast Series! Juan Ramón de Laiglesia, OECD Development Centre

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Welcome to our Maastricht Podcast Series!

The first one is Juan Ramón de Laiglesia, economist, on Perspectives on Global Development 2012: Social Cohesion in a Shifting World.

Listen here to the podcast

Juan Ramón de Laiglesia is an economist at the Poverty Reduction and Social Development group. He joined the OECD Development Centre in October 2005. He works on issues related to the impact of institutions on the welfare of the poor and those in developing countries. In the past, these have included land tenure economics and the conditions for agricultural development in Africa, as well as such diverse social institutions as polygamy and inheritance and their links to investment and saving behaviour. He is currently conducting research on labour informality.

Juan is an Engineer of the École Polytechnique, holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in economics on “Investment, Growth and Institutional Development in Less Developed Countries”, at the London School of Economics.


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