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Shared Societies International Workshop in Maastricht Shared Societies International Workshop in Maastricht

Apr 042012

Shared Societies International Workshop in Maastricht

Shared Societies International Workshop in Maastricht

The Club de Madrid and the Maastricht School of Management brought together a group of academics and practitioners aimed to review and consolidate the current state of knowledge on the impact of shared societies on economic performance and advance understanding of the underlying dynamics of that relationship, thereby connecting theory to policy and practice.

Click here to download the working papers reviewed during the seminar.

Speakers such as Guanghua Wan (Asian Development Bank), Juan Ramón de Laiglesia (OECD), Jan Hofmeyr (Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa), Steven Tobin (International Institute for Labour Studies, ILO), Daniel Hyslop (Institute for Economics and Peace), Claire Dhéret (European Policy Centre), Aldo Caliari (Center of Concern), Protap Mukherjee (Indian National Population Stabilisation Fund), Collins TumuhairwePaul NolanRob Harrison or Sara Burke (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, New York) presented policy and academic papers during the workshop, after which a fruitful discussion took place. Although they could not attend the workshop, Patricia Justino (Institute of Development Studies) and Ernesto Ottone (CEPAL), also sent papers to be presented.

Member Wim Kok –  Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1994-2002) and President of the Club de Madrid - hosted the welcoming dinner for all the participants where he “anticipated that the findings of the conference would demonstrate the link between Shared Societies and economic well being and (...) explain more clearly the nature of the relationship”.

Finally, during the Conference, we explored several communication tools – such as the live streaming (at and the live tweeting (using the hashtag #SharedSocieties from @CLUBdeMADRID)

Listen here the Podcast Series which includes interviews with the participants

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