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Live Session: Democracy and Equality Live Session: Democracy and Equality

Aug 032021

Live Session: Democracy and Equality

Our Vice President and former President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, speaks with Peruvian Members of Congress to exchange experiences on reducing inequality and discrimination 

This Live Session will be in Spanish. Read blow the event's information in Spanish.

Latin America suffers from inequality and the discrimination of groups that have customarily been marginalised, particularly for their ethnic origin or race.

In this Live Session ‘Democracy and Equality, the former President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, will exchange experiences with Peruvian Members of Congress aimed at reducing inequalities and discrimination in the Latin-American continent.

Club de Madrid and Ashanti Perú, organisations that are collaborating to promote inclusive and egalitarian societies in Latin America, co-organise this session.

Democracy and Equality - Dialogue Between Former Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla and Peruvian Members of Congress
27 August - 10AM-11:30AM (PET) / 5PM-6:30PM (CET Time)


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Democracia e Igualdad

América Latina sigue aquejada de una gran desigualdad y de una discriminación que sufren grupos tradicionalmente marginados, en particular, por su origen étnico y/o raza.

En la sesión virtual ‘Democracia e Igualdad’ la Expresidenta de Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla intercambiará experiencias con Congresistas representantes de las Bancadas en el Congreso del Perú destinadas a reducir las desigualdades y la discriminación en el continente latinoamericano.

Club de Madrid y Ashanti Perú, organizaciones que están colaborando para promover sociedades más inclusivas e igualitarias en la región, coorganizan esta sesión. 

Democracia e Iguladad - Diálogo entre Laura Chinchilla, Presidenta de Costa Rica (2010-2014), y Congresistas de la República del Perú
27 Agosto- 10AM-11:30AM (PET) / 5PM-6:30PM (CET Time)


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