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Danilo Türk
  • Danilo Türk

Danilo Türk

President of Slovenia(2007-2012)
President of the WLA - Club de Madrid

On 20 October 2019 the General Assembly of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid elected me President of the Organization for a three-year term, starting 1 January 2020. I am profoundly honoured by the Assembly’s Decision, which I have accepted with all humility and a great sense of responsibility.

Club de Madrid is the largest forum of democratically elected former Heads of State and Government who have joined forces to bring their leadership experience, convening power and access to the advancement of democratic values, good governance and the wellbeing of citizens across the globe. Today our organization includes 116 members from 73 countries from all regions of the world. Its role has never been more important and it needs to be exercised actively.

The world is experiencing one of the most dynamic transformations in history. The fourth industrial revolution is rapidly changing societies, exercising a powerful influence on local and national politics, adding to the mounting challenges confronting democratic governance on various fronts. At the global level, new dynamics between the great powers of our era are reshaping the international security and development landscape. The basic postulates of state legitimacy and international order are challenged by powerful forces of change. This is a time of uncertainty.

However, ours is also an era of unprecedented opportunities. The international order is at a critical inflection point. This is the moment to engage all democratic political forces to strengthen democracy and human rights and ensure an inclusive, rules based system of global governance. For this system to be sustainable it ought to be founded on international law, capable of promoting peace and security, and of advancing socially equitable and environmentally sustainable development. This year, 2020 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, the organization that is at the core of the multilateral system and will remain an essential guarantee for a peaceful transformation of the world. Our organization has an important role to play in the ongoing international discussions and in the efforts to strengthen the role of the United Nations.

Our time calls for the mobilization of political will for the global common good. The experience of democratically elected political leaders who served their countries with responsibility and with commitment to global cooperation is an important asset in this endeavour. At our last General Assembly, we adopted a three – year strategy (2020-2022) through which we will continue our work towards a new generation of democracy, a deeper understanding of the vision of shared societies at all levels of democratic governance and reinvigorated multilateralism and global cooperation. The new strategy provides us with a solid platform for our activities in the coming years, both at the international level and within country specific projects in which we shall continue to engage, based on the needs expressed in the countries concerned.

As we reflect on future activities, we are also intensely aware of the path travelled so far. It has now been almost two decades since the establishment of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid. The participants at the founding conference in 2001 came from all regions of the world and from a variety of political backgrounds. But they shared a strong commitment to democracy. Their willingness to share their collective experience with a variety of interlocutors across the world has been a noble expression of their readiness to serve humankind. From this precious seed important initiatives have sprung.

With the years, our Organization has grown both in the number of Members and in the diversity of its activities. Today, Club de Madrid is widely recognized and respected as an actor in the international scene and the views and advice of its Members valued and trusted both within their countries and globally. It has been ably led by the Organization’s Presidents and Vice-Presidents to whom we owe our gratitude, and by the capable Secretaries-General and the devoted staff at the home office in Madrid. All this provides a strong basis for our activity in the future.

I look forward to an intense cooperation with all Members of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid. Together we can bring our insights and deliver timely and sound messages to advance the democratic values and leadership we all seek. The voice of the Members of the Club de Madrid can be helpful and must be heard. Together we can make an impact and a meaningful contribution towards a better future for all.

With my best wishes,




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