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Global Learning on Democratic Innovation: A Webinars Series Global Learning on Democratic Innovation: A Webinars Series

Apr 052021

Global Learning on Democratic Innovation: A Webinars Series

Club de Madrid, Public Agenda and Participedia hold a series of webinars to discuss recommendations and innovative approaches for a reboot of America's democracy

Club de Madrid, Public Agenda and Participedia will hold a series of seminars aimed at bringing to American reformers, thought leaders, policy-makers and civil society organisations examples of innovative approaches that have helped strengthen democracy in other countries.

WEBINAR 1: Building bridges in divided societies – APRIL 22, 12 PM EDT / 6 PM CET

The first seminar will present innovative and successful approaches to appease tensions in polarized societies through policy discourse and policy action.

-John Bruton, Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland (1994-1997), Member of Club de Madrid
-Hanna Israel, Project Lead for My Country Talks, Zeit Online
-Kristin Hansen, Executive Director, The Civic Health Project
-Moderator: Milburn Line, Senior Associate Democracy and Governance, Tetra Tech.



People around the world are asking how we can work in new and better ways. And their perception that democracy is not responding to their needs is not misguided: Nearly 70% of countries covered by The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index recorded a decline in their overall score in 2020. 

Subsequently, citizens have been expressing an increased distrust of their leaders and institutions. This has been going on for some years now, but COVID-19 has deepened such views. The public health and economic crisis triggered by the pandemic has also cast a dark shadow on enduring racial, ethnic, economic, religious, and gender inequities that are now, more than ever, shaking the foundations of democratic societies.

The US is no exception to these trends. In its Yankelovich Democracy Monitor research, Public Agenda found that Americans respond enthusiastically to new democratic practices and reforms, especially ones that give citizens a greater voice in the decisions that affect their lives and that promise to establish more equitable, deliberative, collaborative relationships between citizens and governments. 

Remaining Webinars

WEBINAR 2: Immigration & participation – Inclusive approaches to give recent immigrants a voice – APRIL 29, 12 PM CET / 6 PM EDT

WEBINAR 3: Healing racial wounds and promoting racial justice: The experience of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions around the world – MAY 6, 12 PM CET / 6 PM EDT

WEBINAR 4: Big trends in democratic innovation and inclusive civic engagement – MAY 13, 12 PM CET / 6 PM EDT




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