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Yash Pal Ghai

Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

Yash Pal Ghai

Yash Ghai is professor of public law at the University of Hong Kong. Educated at Oxford and Harvard, he has served as an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. His primary interests now are constitutions arising out of conflict and political and constitutional issues of autonomy in the context of Greater China. Some of his principal writings have been published in non-legal journals. He has consulted for a number of countries, including Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Maldives, Cambodia, and East Timor. He chaired Kenya's constitutional review from 2001-04 and is currently an advisor to the Constitution Committee of the National Assembly of Iraq. He facilitated various consultations in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, and advised the Tibetan Government in Exile. In September 2006, he became UN Special Representative for human rights to Cambodia.

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