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Documentos Relevantes sobre Cohesión Social

Experts Comment on SSP published on the Shared Societies Project Blog

State and terrorism
Chandrika Kumaratunga, member of the Club de Madrid 

Unity in Diversity; Building Shared and Inclusive Societies for Peace and Prosperity
Chandrika Kumaratunga, member of the Club de Madrid

EU leaders endorse Commission's plan for Roma integration
European Commission

Inequality and Unsustainable Growth:Two sides of the Same Coin?
International Monetary Fund

Addressing Ethnic Profiling by Police
Open Society Justice Initiative

Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping Our World.
Book Review by Fred Pearce, the Guardian

Declaration of principles on equality
Equal Rights Trust

Contenidos de la II Cumbre Europea sobre Población Roma

Del racismo latinoamericano y sus demonios
Edmundo Paz Soldán

¿El Islam en Europa se hace europeo?
Stefano Allievi, Afkar Ideas

Ethnic Minority and Roma Women

Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: Pervasive, Ineffective and Discriminatory
Open Society Justice Initiative

From Immigration to Integration: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge
OECD Report

Good Practices for Social Integration
NGO Committee for Social Development

Horizontal inequalities as a Cause of Conflict: a Review of CRISE Findings
Frances Stewart

Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue

Kenneth Roth's book review from "War, Guns & Votes: Democracy in dangerous places"
Paul Collier

La Europa mestiza.
Sami Naïr

La segunda generación en Madrid: un estudio longitudinal
Alejandro Portes, Rosa Aparicio and William Haller

Manual de estilo para periodistas sobre el colectivo Gitano
Fundacion Instituto de Cultura Gitana

Muslims in Europe

Press Article "Pope Urges African reconciliation at mass for a million in Angola"

Que preocupa a los ciudadanos de las Américas.
FOCAL. Elizabeth J. Zechmeister y Mitchell A. Seligson. 2010

Religious Perceptions in America: With an In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Attitudes Toward Muslims and Islam

Unión Europea. La medida de expulsión como excepción al derecho de libre circulacion de ciudadanos de la UE
Cristina J. Gortázar Rotaeche, Directora del Instituto Universitario de estudios sobre Migraciones, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

Social Integration in Western Asia

The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education.

The situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member States
FRA, November 2009

The UNESCO World Report on Cultural Diversity

Gustavo F Araoz, Marta de la Torre, Neil Silberman

Who are We - and Should It Matter in the 21st Century?
Gary Younge

Why I'm crossing swords with Zapiro.
Ebrahim Rasool



Applying a Coexistence Lens to Transitional Justice Processes
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Coexistence and transitional justice in Liberia
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Country studies series: Suriname
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Education Policy in Multi-Ethic Societies: A Review of National Policies that Promote Coexistence and Social Inclusion
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Focus on Coexistence and Democracy-building
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Focus on Coexistence and Natural Resources
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Focus on Coexistence and the Arts
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Insiders Outsiders: A Review of Policies that Recognize Diversity and Promote Inclusion and Coexistence
Coexistence International of Brandeis University

Key issues on coexistence education
Coexistence International of Brandeis University



These NEF reports map existing practices and different approaches to specific issues, set in the broader context of the religion and democracy debate. They target practitioners, policy makers and civil society actors.

Conflicts over Mosques in Europe
Stefano Allievi

Religion and Healthcare in the European Union
Dimitrina Petrova

Teaching about Religions in European School Systems
Luce Pépin

Background Documents

The views expressed in the Shared Societies Project Background Papers: Responding to Social Cohesion Challenges are the authors’ own, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Club de Madrid or its members or funders.

Introduction by Clem McCartney

Social Cohesion Challenges, Needs and Political Hurdles
Lord Bhikhu Parekh

Impact of Public Expression of Identity and Social Cohesion
Sally Holt and John Packer

Language Pluralism and Social Cohesion
Sarifa Moola

Economic Development and Social Cohesion:

- Defusing Collective Violence: The Economic Argument
Roberto Foa and Steen Lau Jorgensen

- Economic Development and Social Cohesion: Is the Market the Problem?
Bruce Berman


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