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Societies that work: jobs for inclusive growth

Societies that work: jobs for inclusive growth

Around the world we are witnessing increased social tensions related to a dearth of jobs in the midst of a systemic economic crisis and frustrated socio-economic expectations. In some regions, lack of growth has led to mindboggling unemployment levels, whilst in others, the distribution of income, the quality of available jobs or the prevalence of informality in the labor market has become a very heavy shackle for the attainment of healthy, functional, cohesive societies.

Given the critical importance of a well-functioning labor market for sustained growth and the stability of democracy, Members have agreed to centre this year´s Club de Madrid Annual Conference on this topic – ‘Societies that Work: Jobs for Inclusive Growth. A Call to the G20’.

Club de Madrid believes this is an ideal moment to act on the future of jobs and society and what this entails for democracy. Governments, multilateral organizations and civil society are all struggling to address this major challenge of unemployment and social unrest and it is no news that policy makers must find coordinated answers.

Download the report here.

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