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Club de Madrid, TerrorismThe Club de Madrid is the world´s largest, independent group of democratic, political leaders, committed to addressing the challenges of democratic transition and consolidation there where they can make a difference.

The principal added value of the Club de Madrid is a unique membership of more than 100, democratically elected, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, from over 70 countries (click here to download a complete list of Club de Madrid Members), willing and able to share their diverse expertise, experience and networks in support of democratic values and leadership worldwide. As former Presidents and Prime Ministers, no longer in public office, Club de Madrid Members are not politically constrained and thus freer to share their experience and offer strategic advice.

Our approach is practical and results-oriented, based on direct and concrete exchanges between our Members and current leaders. In this space, we work with governments, inter-governmental and civil society organizations, as well as with academia and the business sector, building bridges and fostering dialogue essential to social and political transformation.

Drawing on the Members’ experience, convening power and access, the Club de Madrid works in two key areas:


Addressing global challenges from a democratic perspective;

Club de Madrid, Kim Campbell, Amina MOhamedThe Club de Madrid works to strengthen democratic leadership and institutional capacity in countries engaged in democratic transitions as well as in aspects of regional and global governance where our Member´s experience can contribute to the latter´s improvement. The main programs in this area are:

  • Madrid+10: Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (Website, download informational sheet in English)
  • Shared Societies Project: Democratic Leadership for Dialogue, Diversity and Social Cohesion (Website, download informational sheet in English, Español)
  • Next Generation Democracy (Website, download informational sheet in English)
  • The G-20 in a Post Crisis World (Website, download informational sheet in English)
  • Women's Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa and the Andean Region (Website, download informational sheet in English, Arabic, Español)
  • Climate Change and Energy Program for a Democratic Leadership (Website, download informational sheet in English)
  • Participation, Dialogue and Democratic Values in the Middle East & North Africa Project  (website, download informational sheet in English, Arabic), The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis (website, download informational sheet ib English).


Supporting democratic transition and consolidation processes.

Club de Madrid, Haiti, QuirogaThe Club de Madrid offers advice and counsel to prevent and resolve conflicts and help reconcile opposing positions. We foster and support regional capacities to prevent conflicts between and within countries.

  • Effective dialogue in Myanmar (download informational sheet in English)
  • Promoting dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti (Website, download informational sheet in French, English, Creole)
  • LEND Network for Leaders Engaged in New Democracies (website)
  • Integrated Suppport Programme for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue (INSPIRED) (Website) - Facilitating consensus building strategies and democratic processes in 4 countries (Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tunisia) this project contributes to a culture of democratic dialogue in transitional contexts based on pluralism, inclusion and active participation. 
  • Political Leadership for Democratic Transition in Kyrgyzstan (Website, download informational sheet in English / Russian)
  • Our past projects in East Timor, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mauritania constitute good examples of this type of activity

Both lines of work share the common goal of addressing the challenge of democratic governance and political conflict as well as that of building functional and inclusive societies, where the leadership experience of our Members is most valuable.

The Club de Madrid assists in the identification of politically sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by todays leaders, developing practical recommendations, action plans and implementation strategies.

The direct exchanges with current leaders on a peer to peer basis, and our Member´s ability to deliver the right message at the right time are an essential part of our work and is the core of our impact. Recognition of this very unique added value is confirmed by the growing demand for Club de Madrid support.






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