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Prevención de Extremismo Violento: Líderes que cuentan una historia diferente

The effectiveness of the recruitment strategies of extremists groups showcases their deep understanding of communication and to which extent the 21st century conflict and violence is borderless. There is a pressing need for better understanding of how messages can be countered and the appropriate tools to carry it out.

The Club de Madrid 12 months project “Preventing Violent Extremism: Leaders telling a different story” aims at strengthening counter-narrative messaging and producing a multi-dimensional response to extremist messaging by channeling the collective expertise of policymakers, media representatives, experts, practitioners and the wisdom and experience of the Club de Madrid Members, all of them former Presidents and Prime Ministers democratically elected.

The overall Objective is to improve national and regional responses to violent extremism threats by developing effective alternative and positive narratives against violent extremism using media tools and evidence-based findings. To that end, Club de Madrid will facilitate national and regional consultations with key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, including women and youth groups. Targeted countries are Tunisia, Lebanon and Nigeria.


This project, supported by the European Commission,  builds on the work done by the Club de Madrid (CdM) in its 2015 Policy Dialogue on “Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism”, and on the “#Global Consensus” document produced as a result of such dialogue. 

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Madrid+10: Preventing and COuntering Violent Extremism

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