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 Club de Madrid 2012 Annual Conference | Little Rock, Arkansas. United States. 17-18 December 2012


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Conference videos | Sessions (More videos will be uploaded soon)

Inaugural Lunch: 'Women in Art and Media', with Geena Davis and Manal Al Dowanyan:


 How can societies ensure women’s rights to access and control of natural resources?:


Framing the debate, with Bill Clinton, Joachim Chissano, Felipe González, Roza Otunbayeva and Mary Robinson:



Sharing responsibilities in the fight against
trafficking of women:


Lunch talk: 'Women in the MENA region':



Creating a 21st Century Work-life Balance:


Harnessing Technology for Women's Political Empowerment: the 2.0 Challenge:



Are peace and security processes sufficiently inclusive to be considered socially just and effective?:


Bringing it all together:



Closing & Award Giving Ceremony:


Conference videos | Related (More videos will be uploaded soon)

Club de Madrid work in 2012:


'See Jane' (Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media):


Arkansas Promotional Video:



Astana Forum G. Global Platform for Communication Video:


Video from US Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton:



Video from Sharan Burrow, Secretary General of the ITUC:


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