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Harnessing 21st Century Solutions: A Focus on Women

Club de Madrid 2012 Annual Conference | Little Rock, Arkansas. United States. 17-18 December 2012


Harnessing 21 century Solutions: a focus on Women


Final Report:

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2012 Conference CLub de Madrid WomenWomen’s empowerment has significantly advanced in the last few decades. There is much to celebrate as women around the world increasingly gain the right to vote, to education, to property, amongst others, transforming them into autonomous members of society capable of changing their communities as well as securing their own personal and professional fulfillment. While progress is undeniable, there are a multitude of challenges that hinder the economic and political empowerment of women and prevent their full realization in public and private spheres.

The Club de Madrid convening will explore the opportunities and challenges to addressing these issues by considering the following topics:

  • Equal rights in a global world. If equal rights for women are still a goal for democracies, how are they being implemented and enforced? How can this goal be sustained in times of crisis?
  • How are we addressing the existing challenges for women leaders to attain seats of power at both political and corporate decision-making tables?
  • Post the Rio+20 meeting, how will governments and the private sector be held accountable to enhancing women’s right to access and control of natural resources?
  • How can the consideration of cultural, religious and ethnic diversity be most effectively prioritized in gender analysis and used, at the local and international levels, when considering 21st century challenges and demands?

We anticipate using the Club de Madrid platform to explore specific challenges to women’s broader participation in society given the current economic and political realities as well as identify and share best practices and recommendations that will allow governments and private sector to create enabling environments for women to realize their full economic and political potential. 

Conference Objectives:


  • Identify solutions to further the empowerment of women in the 21st Century, as well as best practices in areas directly related to enabling women to realize their full economic and political potential and policy recommendations to effectively scale them up.
  • Contribute to the coordination of stakeholders around a set of priorities and actions in this field.

The conference will be structured around two interconnected thematic strands – political and economic empowerment – each to be divided into specific policy areas for analysis. Plenaries will serve to set the scene as well as wrap-up, while specific policy areas will be explored within breakout sessions, allowing the Club de Madrid to facilitate dynamic exchanges with the active engagement of participants.

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