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Actividades y Recomendaciones

Club de Madrid members led three or four missions to each project country, working in Jordan, Morocco and Bahrain in the project’s first year of activities, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia in the second year. During the second year of project activities, Club de Madrid Members led dialogue activities in Year 2 countries and returned to Year 1 countries to deliver recommendations to the highest levels of government.

In Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco (Year 1 countries), dialogue activities were successful in bringing together Club de Madrid members with representatives of key government and civil society institutions to discuss ways in which freedom of association could be better guaranteed and secured.  Over the duration of mission activities, the Club de Madrid successfully identified key issues and created environments for constructive dialogue among opposing parties over contentious issues, facilitating dialogue where normally not possible and working towards consensus between government and civil society stakeholders on necessary steps forward to help improve and guarantee freedom of association. As a result, Year 1 country representatives of both sectors convened upon completion of the dialogue missions and agreed a set of country-specific recommendations to the leadership of their respective countries to be submitted by Club de Madrid Members on behalf of country representatives and stakeholders.

In Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia (Year 2 countries), holding open dialogue sessions between government and civil society stakeholders, mediated by Club de Madrid Members, was not possible. Due to a high level of distrust between sectors and stalled reform processes, the Club de Madrid used alternative means of convening, listening and sharing experiences. During missions to Year 2 countries, the delegations held individual meetings, and invited members of both sectors to participate in panel discussions on transition processes, drawing on relevant lessons learned from regions such as Latin America and Eastern Europe, and creating a neutral space for indirect dialogue. Similar to the delivery of stakeholder recommendations to the highest levels of leadership in Year 1 countries, the Club de Madrid delivered Year 2 project findings to ruling authorities, and discussed with them impressions and ideas to help strengthen and promote reforms in Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

In addition to project country missions, the project also convened four regional meetings to guide, review and evaluate the project. In Cairo, the Club of Madrid convened project partners for an initial planning session. In Cordoba, Spain, delegations (principally from Year 1 countries) of civil society and government representative met for an initial strategy seminar to discuss and guide project plans. At the conclusion of the first year; Year 1 country representatives met at the Dead Sea, Jordan, to produce country recommendations, evaluate progress, and build consensus between government and civil society stakeholders. Year 2 country stakeholders were also invited to join the Dead Sea Meeting and provide Club de Madrid with their impressions and advice on how best to proceed in their respective countries for the second year of project programming. Project stakeholders from all six countries participated in a Study Tour to the Netherlands, to look at issues related to freedom of association and democratic governance. Finally, at the end of the two-year project, stakeholders met in Barcelona for a two-day seminar which included panel discussions on the Spanish transition process and a review and evaluation project results and next steps.

1. Strategic Planning Meeting Cairo (February 14-15, 2007), led by Member Al Mahdi (Sudan)

2.  Survey Mission Morocco (March 13-16, 2007), Members Al Eryani (Yemen), Gonzalez (Spain), Roman (Romania)

3.  Survey Mission Jordan (April 16-19, 2007), Members Al Eryani, Birkavs (Latvia) and Bondevik (Norway)

4.  Survey Mission Bahrain (April 24-27, 2007), Members Al Mahdi, Lagumdzija (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and Uteem (Mauritius)

5.   Cordoba Regional Meeting (May 10-12, 2007), Members Al Eryani and Al Mahdi

6.  Second Mission to Morocco (June 6-9, 2007), Members Bondevik and Lagumdzija

7.  Second Mission to Jordan (June 25-28, 2007), Members Al Mahdi and Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

8.  Elections Observation with NDI (September 5-8, 2007), Member Quiroga (Bolivia)

9. Third Mission to Jordan (October 22-24, 2007), Members Al Eryani and Bondevik

10.  Second Mission to Bahrain (October 30- November 1, 2007), Members Al Mahdi and Birkavs

11.  Third Mission to Morocco (December 11-13, 2007), Members Al Mahdi, Bondevik and Dimitrov

12.   Third Mission to Bahrain (January 29-31, 2008), Members Birkavs and Lagumdzija

13.  Dead Sea Regional Meeting- Jordan (February 27-29, 2008), Members Al Eryani, Al Mahdi, Birkavs, Bondevik and Lagumdzija

14. Survey Mission Egypt (March 25-28, 2008), Members Bondevik, Lagumdzija and Shipley (New Zealand)

15. Survey Mission Saudi Arabia (June 3-6, 2008), Members Jospin, Kok (the Netherlands) and Lagumdzija

16. Study Tour- The Netherlands (June 23-27, 2008), Member Kok

17.  Survey Mission to Tunisia (October 12-15, 2008), Members Al Eryani and Uteem

18. Second Mission to Egypt (October 27-30, 2008), Members Birkavs and Bondevik; and Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé (former President of Bolivia)

19.  Delivery of Recommendations Jordan (December 17, 2008), Members Al Mahdi Birkavs and Bondevik. Click here to read project findings and recommendations for Jordan, finalised by national stakeholders, Dead Sea (Jordan), February 2008.

20. Delivery of Recommendations Egypt (December 18, 2008), Members Birkavs and Bondevik. Click here to read project findings informed by project activities in Egypt.

21. Delivery of Recommendations Bahrain (February 14-15, 2009), Members Jospin, Birkavs and Lagumdzija. Click here to read project findings and recommendations for Bahrain, finalised by national stakeholders, Dead Sea (Jordan), February 2008.

22.  Second Mission to Saudi Arabia (February 15-17, 2009), Members Birkavs and Lagumdzija

23.  Second Mission to Tunisia (March 4-6, 2009), Member Al Eryani; and Veltzé

24. Barcelona Regional Meeting (April 19-21, 2009), Members Al Eryani, Al Mahdi, Birkavs and Bondevik

25.  Delivery of Recommendations Saudi Arabia (May 27-28, 2009), Member Birkavs.

26.  Delivery of Recommendations Tunisia (June 24-25, 2009), Member Al Eryani.

27.  Delivery of Recommendations Morocco (June 25-26, 2009), Member Roman.

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