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Wim Kok lidera la sexta misión del Club de Madrid y la Unión Europea en Haití

Wim Kok lidera la sexta misión del Club de Madrid y la Unión Europea en Haití

Septiembre 18, 2015

Las inminentes elecciones del próximo mes de octubre y las relaciones bilaterales con la República Dominicana serán los temas centrales de esta misión del proyecto financiado por la Unión Europea y liderado por el Club de Madrid "Promoción del diálogo para la reforma democrática en Haití"

Haiti is currently facing two crucial challenges: a  complex and large-scale electoral process with presidential, legislative and local elections and the need to resume a comprehensive, long-term and constructive dialogue with the Dominican Republic. In this framework the former Club de Madrid President and ex Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Wim Kok, will lead the sixth mission of the EU-funded project "Promotion of dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti" that will take place on the 21-23 of September.

The electoral process whose success is critical to consolidate the democratic and institutional order, has been dominated by technical and candidates selection issues, as well as security concerns. Until today, the campaign has not sufficiently focused on the candidates’ policy proposals regarding national priorities. In this context, Club de Madrid wishes to contribute  to the debate by inviting candidates to consider policy proposals related to democratic governance, gathered in its document “Policy Recommendations on Democratic Governance”, such as: constitutional reform; institutionalization of the political party system; independence of democratic institutions and strengthening of the public administration; Improvement of the quality of public finance management and tax reform; strategic bi-national relations with the Dominican Republic.

This document can be found here and will be shared throughout the bilateral meetings foreseen in the mission’s agenda which includes key institutional authorities, such as President Martelly and the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), as well as presidential candidates from the main political parties and relevant international community actors. 

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